Slow print, small run, mighty and true, the non-profit West End Phoenix is a community newspaper dreamed up by writer and Rheostatic Dave Bidini, giving voice to the swirl of neighbourhoods that make up one of North America’s fastest evolving catchments.

Patron-supported and ad-free — and devoted to the magic and power of print — the Phoenix invites you to join the chorus of readers around the city as well as Canada’s best writers, photographers and illustrators as we produce a new monthly broadsheet for our times.

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We are a non-profit, patron-supported, ad-free publication supported by the wild minds of devoted readers, and we are asking you to help carry the dream across the summer to our first issue in October. To receive a year’s worth of West End Phoenixes, click below.

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Beyond subscription, we are asking readers to support the paper in our attempt to pay writers, illustrators and photographers in the catchment a fair and equitable rate, an essential part of the West End Phoenix plan to sustain the voices of artists in our neighbourhoods.

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